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Disappearing Internet Jobs

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According to incomplete statistics, from the Internet generated to 2006, reaching more than 3,000 kinds of careers disappeared, and this data in 2014, had risen to more than 5000 kinds.


Flashers rely on creativity and the ability tocreated a large number of high-quality animation, also swept across the Internet field.They become an emerging force in the industry.

Member of the chain release

When China Baidu plans to eliminate SEO, adding chains to improve website ranking method has become the past tense

SMS writers

Information on the network achieves explosive growth, many SMS operators have closed, SMS writers are disappearing


Witkey owners and Witkey distrust each other, and ultimately ushered in the transformation of the entire industry

Xiaomi activate the new domain name

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Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi, said: “Overseas expansion is the first step of the software + hardware +  Internet service eco stationed around the world,Xiaomi hopes to users in China and other countries and regions worldwide first, providing first-class experience, integrated hardware and software products and services while also work with many entrepreneurs,and to provide users with a more diversified, localized mobile Internet experience. “

What will be published in new conference of Xiaomi

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Today, sources said, three new products that will be released in Apr 23 are concerned with Xiaomi TV, the first is Xiaomi TV box, the second is Xiaomi router, and third product is MI Trackpad multi-touch panels.

Of course,  LEI my changed his mind at the last moment. Let us wait and see.

Classic Dialogues of ‘Shanghai Tang’

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“People always change. ”
—— Fangyan Yun said when Wenqiang first trip to Shanghai
“But some people, one sight is enough.”
——- by Feng Cheng

“And  find opportunity by their own is better.”

——- by Feng Cheng


Former marketing executive of Samsung served as HTC Cher Wang’s consultant

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During the 2008-2012 Gordon worked Samsung, the company’s intelligent machines has achieved good growth in the world.

HTC said that as part of the company’s human resources strategy, it will continue to invest in personnel and recruitment, in order to ensure that the company can continue to strengthen the corporate structure.

All along, the marketing is HTC’s long-standing problems in the past few years, the company has replaced the three chief marketing officer. Informed sources, HTC and Gordon signed the first three months of short contracts, reporting directly to Cher.

The documentary “transgenic Report” by Cui Break the Lies-4

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Lie Ⅳ: In United States, there is no sign on genetically modified foods.

In fact the United States have a special logo. Organic food and non-GM foods are separate sign out. GM food in China are forced to sign, but not often obvious.

China’s first Bitcoin ATM landed in Shanghai today

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March 15, Hong Kong’s first Bitcoin ATM is granted to a cafe to use; March 8, Bitcoin ATM Korea’s first appearance in a cafe in Seoul; February 28, Canada’s first Bitcoin ATM also placed next to a cafe; today, China’s first Bitcoin ATM will also appear in a cafe in  Zhangjiang Shanghai.

This ATM can only buy bitcoins with cash , but can not exchange Bitcoin into cash, so say it is Bitcoin ATM is not accurate, it  likes a vending machine more.

The documentary “transgenic Report” by Cui Break the Lies-3

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Lies III: major scientific institutions in the world, such as the USDA, FDA, FAO, the WHO  considere genetical food is safe.
I want to say is that, unfortunately, some of these organizations invited me to visit, but refused my interview then.Some members of these organization and expression spokesman Interviewed by the media . They say, first,  genetically modified foods we identified are safe to eat you; Second, if you believe that genetically modified to be safe, depending on where you are what’s your environment, and how health surveillance identified.

How to design a Chemical Factory-3

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Select a suitable reactor and piping models according selection process. Complete the PFD P & ID drawings and drawings., And the completion of the plant siting, plant layout.You can use 3Ds max to design the 3D drawings.

The documentary “transgenic Report” by Cui Break the Lies-2

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Lies II: Americans eat GMO at ease for 20 years , people liked.Cui hired four local translation, they do not know the gene transfer in this case, only know the word transgene.With their our drivers’ U.S. counterparts to talk, he gave me some information, said the United States was probably in 1994, 1995, 1996, when GM crops began to appear and food, but in 2007 more Americans know it.Then there have been the organizations that resist genetically modified  , they will organize two marches each year. Now in the U.S. market, there have been some big food manufacturing companies which will refuse genetically modified ingredients.

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