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I am playing bitcoin

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My bitcoin wallet address  is 1DaKisD73FBxp1MxDwArjdk2Ru9utm3T4B , I would be obliged if you could send bitcoin to me.^^

Cui Yongyuan’s anti-GM position Q&A (1)

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Southern Weekend: what is the opinion of genetically modified?

Cui Yongyuan: a lot of people think that is not safe. We encounter an American called Linda , she told us, she had cancer, the doctor advised her to eat organic food, after eating instead of doing chemotherapy, and getting well. This is our interview encountered, I need to record it down, believe it or not.

The LeTV’s future is not very good

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Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio continued to tighten controls on the TV box.

4 American TV series are banned in China

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On Saturday, the U.S. drama “Big Bang” fans open Sohu video as usual, ready to watch the latest episode of the seventh season. Unexpectedly, they jump out of the screen a few vague words: “For policy reasons,Sohu can not provide watching.”  “Good Wife,” “NCIS,” “lawyer character” involving Sohu, Youku potatoes, Tencent video and other large sites are also disapeared.

Sites popular in China -3

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6, a push


They recommende some practical information daily, collection of these sites

7, a few minutes


A few minutes to do what? Brings together a large number of high-quality video

Sites popular in China -2

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4, the neighbor’s ears


A story in a song, a beautiful picture, talk about life, time, music, dream

5, shell network


The shell is a  scientific, fact based web site ,  shell, is special

Sites popular in China -1

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1, gift Street


Still worry about gifts? Here are  gifts you find.

2, heap sugar


A Wonderfull Life, beauty diagram, Food etc.

3, unknown secret


Tell you some unknown secrets, how to quickly find what they want to buy cheap authentic



Disappearing Internet Jobs

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According to incomplete statistics, from the Internet generated to 2006, reaching more than 3,000 kinds of careers disappeared, and this data in 2014, had risen to more than 5000 kinds.


Flashers rely on creativity and the ability tocreated a large number of high-quality animation, also swept across the Internet field.They become an emerging force in the industry.

Member of the chain release

When China Baidu plans to eliminate SEO, adding chains to improve website ranking method has become the past tense

SMS writers

Information on the network achieves explosive growth, many SMS operators have closed, SMS writers are disappearing


Witkey owners and Witkey distrust each other, and ultimately ushered in the transformation of the entire industry

Xiaomi activate the new domain name

Category : China · (1) Comment · by Apr 22nd, 2014

Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi, said: “Overseas expansion is the first step of the software + hardware +  Internet service eco stationed around the world,Xiaomi hopes to users in China and other countries and regions worldwide first, providing first-class experience, integrated hardware and software products and services while also work with many entrepreneurs,and to provide users with a more diversified, localized mobile Internet experience. “

What will be published in new conference of Xiaomi

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Today, sources said, three new products that will be released in Apr 23 are concerned with Xiaomi TV, the first is Xiaomi TV box, the second is Xiaomi router, and third product is MI Trackpad multi-touch panels.

Of course,  LEI my changed his mind at the last moment. Let us wait and see.

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