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The documentary “transgenic Report” by Cui Break the Lies-1

Category : China · by Apr 12th, 2014

Lie one : 70% of the U.S. food are transgenic .

70% of the processed food in USA may contain genetically modified ,not 70% of food.For example, papaya is called whole foods, salad dressings , seasoning oil are called processed foods.Beef, chicken  and wheat in the U.S. aren’t genetically modified, it is the true situation.Most  of transgenic soybeans and GM corn  they planted are for export .Chairman of the U.S. Soybean Export Council , said  in the interview , 40% of these transgenic soybeans are remain in the U.S. , 60% are for exports , 30% to 35 % in 60%  are for exports to China .Mainly of  the GM soy are used for animal feed in USA.Genetically modified soybeans that China imports are used to make soybean oil. Now 90% of Chinese soybean oil is genetically modified.Glyphosate residues in transgenic soybeans.All the world has its limitations, only China not. In other words, if the amount of glyphosate residues exceed the limit value, then it can not enter the other country, can only enter China.


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